Vivências e convivências

Vivências e convivências

segunda-feira, 27 de março de 2017

Letter writing: job application letter

Professional executive secretaries,
here you have an example of a job application letter which I wrote in 1998 to help a friend in getting a new job.
Attention to the Manager of Recruitment and Placement 

Dear Sir, 

I understand you are looking for an Executive Secretary. I have eleven years of secretarial experience and can provide good experience. I´m 32 years old and married. 

For the past seven years I´m been working as secretary for the (name of the company).

My reason for wanting to leave my present position as executive secretary  to the Vice President of Foreign Operation of (name of the company) is that, after seven very happy years, I can see no prospect of real challenge or job development beyond my present level. 

Enclosed is a brief history of my education and job experience. 

I would appreciate getting together and discuss in more detail what I can offer as an executive secretary.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 


(name and signature)



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