Vivências e convivências

Vivências e convivências

quarta-feira, 29 de março de 2017

The work of a secretary

I am pleased to share with you a short article I wrote on May 17, 1988, while I was attending to the English for Secretaries course in São Paulo (SP), at Associação Alumni. 

To be a successful secretary
To be a successful secretary was the main goal I have set up for my professional career since the first day I have started working twelve-years ago.
Working for a top executive of a large and well-known corporation and being the “right arm”, as we secretaries used to say, of such a boss, were, according to my point of view, synonyms of being a well-succeeded secretary.
I believe that we should have satisfaction in whatever we do. To get real satisfaction out of doing anything, we need to do it well. To achieve the successfulness in a professional activity we should do always the best job for the company we are working for.
I am happy because I am quite sure that I did it well as a secretary so far despite the ups and downs of every career. But, I feel that I can do more and I want do more. I also know that I have to prepare myself to start walking in the direction of an educational career. And, again, I hope to do it well.
Eliane Wamser
May, 17, 1988.


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