Vivências e convivências

Vivências e convivências

segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2015

Address the letter appropriately!

> Younger to older male executive: "Dear Mr. Jones"

> Older to younger male executive: "Dear John"

> Younger executive to older female executive: "Dear Mrs. Jones"  or  "Dear Ms. Jones"

> Older executive to younger female executive: "Dear Jane"  or  "Dear Mrs./Ms. Jones"

> To a titled professional: "Dear Dr. Jones"; "Dear Reverend Jones"

> To a company: "Ladies and Gentlemen"

> Close relationship: "Dear John"  or  "Dear Jane"

> Position known, name unknown:  call and find out - spelling, etc....!!

From: The Little Instruction Book of Business Etiquette, by Valerie Sokolosky

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